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No new members!

Posted Jun 13, 2015. Leave a comment?

Please spread the word!

Spread the word.

Posted Jan 17, 2015. Leave a comment?

We haven’t exactly had many people join just yet. I seem to stink at advertising. If you know any fans of the relationship between Akashi & Kuroko, let them know!

I really need some new members

Posted Oct 27, 2014. Leave a comment?

I’m not gonna close this fanlisting just yet, though. We NEED an AkaKuro fanlisting, after all. I’m just surprised that the AkaKuro fandom on hasn’t found this yet.

Getting ready for launch!

Posted Jul 3, 2014. Leave a comment?

Okay, so it looks like this fanlisting will be finished soon. I’ve just got to get the information page up and running and then make a few codes for those who’d like to link back.

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