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Server Move

Posted Jul 7, 2016. Leave a comment?

As you can see, we are no longer on the domain. In fact, if you try to access that particular site, you’ll find it completely bare. It’ll just be a parking page if I remember correctly since I elected to not renew the registration.

If you would like to view the non-fanlisting content that was previously hosted on that domain, you may do so by clicking here.


Posted Apr 30, 2016. Leave a comment?

Still no new updates. I might try to make this a bit of a shrine / fansite as well in order to draw more members.

…where is everyone?

Posted Nov 9, 2015. Leave a comment?

The lack of members depresses me. I thought this pairing was popular.

Still quiet

Posted Aug 21, 2015. Leave a comment?

No new members have joined recently.

No new members!

Posted Jun 13, 2015. Leave a comment?

Please spread the word!

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