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What is "Smitchie"?

Smitchie is the romantic paring of Shane Gray and Mitchie Torres.

They meet in Camp Rock and later start dating. In the first film Shane hears Mitchie singing but doesn't see her and falls for the voice he heard. Later, he finds out its her.

In the sequel they are a couple and are camp counslers at Camp Rock because of the newer camp, Camp Star. After losing the final jam, Mitchie confronts Shane and they kiss. They decide to come back next year.

Relationship Premise (a.k.a. summary of Camp Rock)

During the film's introduction, Mitchie is awakened by her mother and prepares herself for her last day of school and the official beginning of Summer. She wants to spend Summer at the famous music camp, Camp Rock, but cant go because her parents can't afford the camp's high price.Later that day, when her mom takes the job as the camps cook, "Connie's Catering" meaning that Mitchie is able to attend the camp on a lower price as long as she helps out in the kitchen. Mitchie is able to live her dream of attending the camp she always wanted to go to. When Mitchie gets to the camp she quickly becomes friends with Caitlyn Gellar, a fellow camper who wants to become a top selling music producer. All is going well for Mitchie until she has a run in with Tess Tyler, the camp "it" girl, who also likes Shane.

Mitchie get into the club after Tess hearing her amzing singing, but instead of singing in as a lead, Tess makes her a background singer along with the other background singers, Pegge and Ella. Soon, Mitchie meets Shane Gray, who is an obnoxious and rude rockstar, who is sent to the camp by the media to fix his attitude. The two begin beautiful friendship and soon start to fall for each other. All is good until Mitchie's secret is told by Tess, which angers Shane and he stops talking to her. On the other hand, Shane is still thinking of the girl he heard singing (which was Mitchie.)

The next morning, Tess teases Mitchie about her mother's cooking and then Mitchie stands up to her and tells her she is much better than someone who likes to put other people, and is kicked out the group. But then, Caitlyn decides that they should make their own group. On the day of the Final Jam, Caitlyn and Mitchie are unable to participate, thanks to Tess for framing them for stealing her charm bracelet. Soon the Final Jam has begun, and Tess is trying to warm up the two remaining "it" girls. But after Tess insults them for the "horrible" dancing, they both quit, leaving Tess on her own. Tess is not nervous at all and is also shocked to see that her mother is here.

Tess's performance is going great until she gets distracted when she sees her mother talking on the phone, and almost falls off the stage constanly embarassing herself and runs off the stage. Then, Peggie takes the spotlight and gets a loud applause. Afterwards, Tess apologizes to Pegge and Ella for treating them so mean and selfish. It's finally the end of the Final Jam, and Mitchie then comes out and begins to sing "This is Me". Soon Shane recognize the song and the voice and begins to sings with Mitchie. The two then reconile backstage and then they end with their "We Rock".

Who is Shane Gray?

Shane Gray has an over confident and arrogant personality from being so famous. He thinks the world revolves around him and demands everything because he is a pop star. In order for his band to function properly, he's sent to Camp Rock for good publicity, but while he is there he forms friendships and a new, friendly personality.

In Camp Rock
Shane is the famous lead singer of the band "Connect 3". He is sent to Camp Rock, in hopes that it would help him, and get rid of his cocky attitude. At the camp, he hears a terrific voice, and spends most of his time trying to find the girl who sang (who is really Mitchie.) Later, he meets Mitchie and they become friends, yet he doesn't know she's the girl with the voice. After Tess reveals Mitchie's secret, he loses trust in Mitchie and feels betrayed that she lied even when he told her so much about himself. He and his fellow band mates are judging Final Jam and while they are discussing the winners, he hears 'the girl with the voice' singing. As he turns around and sees that it is Mitchie, all his regrets about her are gone and he sings the rest of the song with her.

In Camp Rock 2
In the sequel, Shane is back at camp, so he can get to know Mitchie better but that doesn't turn out well when she's to busy on saving the Camp from rival Camp Star. They have a brief argument but they makeup. At the end Camp Rock loses and Shane and Mitchie kiss and join their friends at the Campfire.

Who is Mitchie Torres?

In Camp Rock
When first introduced, Mitchie is shy, timid, and easily influenced by others, especially when it comes to the rude opinions of Tess. Although she was quite aware of her talent for music, she kept it to herself, and did nearly anything possible to get out of performing in front of an audience, or even a single friend. However, Mitchie finally builds up the courage to perform her original song "This is Me" at Final Jam, and her overall confidence gradually begins to improve.

In Camp Rock 2
In the second film, Mitchie's personality is the complete opposite of what was in the original film. She is now openly comedic, outspoken, extroverted and very involved in camp leaderships and preparations, to the point of which it is almost overwhelming. She is now bold and confident, and unafraid to speak her mind or contribute new ideas.